The school

The Italian language school “Il Castello” offers courses in Italian language and culture for foreigners in Belforte all’Isauro (PU), in central Italy.  The school is situated in the castle in the historic center of the town and offers you the unique experience of living and studying inside of a medieval castle.  You will have the opportunity to participate in numerous afternoon and evening activities organized by the school, visit some of the most beautiful cities in central Italy, and to enjoy a pleasant vacation/study in a small, inviting and peaceful town.  Here you will find the ideal conditions to interact with the townspeople using your newly developing language skills and to experience true Italian living.


The language school “Il Castello” was born from a collaboration between the town of Belforte all’Isauro and a group of people of varying ages, professions, and nationalities.  Among the collaborators are professors, tourism and hospitality specialists and even former students who have become permanent residents.

The professionalism, hospitality and enthusiasm of the staff along with the indispensable contributions of the people and associations of the town are the key aspects that will make your vacation-study unique and unforgettable.


Many former students of the language school have been so enchanted by this experience that they have chosen to relocate themselves to the town and surrounding territories. Others return frequently for visits and have maintained long distance friendships throughout the years.   For us, this is the highest level of validation possible.




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